'Big Data for Museums'
Artificial Intelligence for investigating behavior of visitors within museums
At Trafficintellectlab, we truly believe that modern museums shall carry the mission to remind visitors where they come from and show them where our world is heading.
That's why we believe that museums should be active participants of the worldwide digital transformation.
We help museum professionals cope with visitor flow management and space optimisation issues thanks to data collection and analysis of visitors' movements and behavior inside the museum.
Most museums conduct studies only from time to time, and, unfortunately, their results do not always have an impact on decision-making. Some museums allocate the necessary financial resources - hiring full-time specialists - and constantly conduct studies at all stages of work. However, it remains rare practice and only large museums can afford it.
Jan Sas
Senior lecturer of the Reinwardt Academie (Amsterdam)
Nowaday museums carry out nonfrequent "manual studies" of their visitors, such as collection of surveys, physical timing & tracking, counting, etc.

On each research campaign, museums spend a large amount of time and money to obtain and analyze a limited amount of data, which very few museums can afford.

As a result, the behavior of visitors remains a mystery for most museums.
What data Trafficintellectlab collects
Path of visitors through exhibition
Behavior of visitors inside the museum
(length of stay, time spent around specific exhibits, etc.)
Counting of visitors in each hall of the museum throughout the day
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With the help of our algorithms, museums receive accurate indicators on key parameters.
Analysis of visitor routes
Мы проводим анализ маршрутов посетителей по всему музею (в зоне покрытия камер видеонаблюдения).
Мы собираем информацию о количестве, длительности и местах остановок посетителей.
Time of stay in the museum rooms and in front of certain exhibition exhibits
Мы составляем рейтинг популярности экспонатов и залов.
Мы можем распознавать характерные жесты фотографирования (фото, 'селфи', ...).
How it works
Algorithms + video archives
Proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms convert video archives into quantitative data on volume, direction and behavior of visitors.
Four good reasons
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier

Our solution will allow you to:
Save time
without conducting long "manual" data collection campaigns and analysis.
Save money
without involving expensive professionals.
Get an unbiased picture
on how the exhibition space is used.
Make right decisions
to increase attendance, relying on Big Data.
First russian startup
Trafficintellectlab is the first russian startup to provide cultural institutions with AI and Big Data solutions as a unique alternative to manual studies of museum audience.
Thanks to our innovative technology, we are opening a new unlimited source of information to museums, which they had not even dreamed of before!
«Museum in the era of digital transformation»

Venue: Tver Regional Art Gallery
10:45 – 12:30
10:45 – 12:30
Constantin Mardoukhaev
Museum and audience: mutual research and evaluation
Topic :
AI for studying behavior of visitors in the museum
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